4 Drivers at the Podium in the Same Day, 2 Best Laps and 2 Poles. What a Good Week.

January 26, 2015

The Orsolon Racing Team was bigger than ever with a total of 9 drivers in all 6 classes in Homestead, FL. The team was represented by young Brazilian Pedro Aizza and Colombian Diego Contecha in the Micro Max class. Chevy Rodrigues, also from Colombia and Riley Dickinson from from Texas in Mini Max. Nick Brueckner, also from Texas and Victor Shoma from Brazil in the Junior class. Miami local Raul Costa in the Master class. Colombian Camilo Matizand competing in the DD2 Master class and the experienced Dan Roeper in the Senior class.

The whole team had a long week of testing with new chassis for the most part, and a lot of developing especially in Mini Max with all the chassis rule changes.

On Saturday's Mini Max qualifying both Orsolon Racing drivers had an amazing pace with Chevy Rodriguez qualifying in 2nd and Riley Dickinson in 9th. Both drivers managed to finish in the top five with nice batles in the pre-final race. In the main event, Chevy lead most part of the race and after a wild battle he ended up in the 3rd podium position. Riley also had a really competitive race and managed to finish 7th.

The team was not at its strongest in the Micro Max class, with Diego qualifying 22nd and Pedro 25th. Pedro had a nice drive making his way to 14th, but Diego suffered with an electrical problem. Brazilian Pedro Aizza finish 10th and Diego 19th in the final race.

In the tight Junior class, Nick Brueckner was only 1 tenth off and qualified 7th, and for the first time with the team, Brazilian Victor Schoma qualified 25th. With an amazing race, Nick managed to finish 3rd in the pre-final while Victor got involved in an incident. In the main event Nick had a great race leading most part and managed to put himself in the podium in 3rd. Victor unfortunately got involved in a crash.

Camilo Matiz qualified 8th in the DD2 Masters and with a solid race he finished 8th in both pre-final and the main event with a nice battle.

In the Master class, for the first time with the Orsolon Racing team in a big event, Raul Costa showed some speed qualifying 2nd just a tenth behind. He finished 2nd in the pre-final with best lap of the race. Raul finished 3rd in the final race scoring another podium for the team from Miami.

In the toughest class Senior Max, Dan Roeper qualified 9th and finish 7th in the pre-final and with an amazing run he finished 3rd in the main.

On Sunday's qualifying in the Mini Max class, Chevy Rodriguez got the pole position with a perfect lap. Riley Dickinson was only 3 tenths behind in 7th. During the pre-final Chevy lead most part of the race finishing 3rd and Riley ended up 7th with a solid race. In the final race, Chevy was in the lead when he got involved in an incident with Canadian Nicholas d'Orlando, losing many sports and ending up in 8th. Riley Dickinson made it all the way to 2nd with an intense drive, but also got involved in an incident with another Canadian Matthew Latifi on the last lap finishing 6th.

In the Micro class, Diego Contecha qualified 16th. Pedro had an engine problem and ended up in the last chance in which he finish an easy 3rd. In the prefinal race, Diego ended up in 16th with a solid race and Pedro went from 30th to 22nd. In the main, Pedro had an amazing race driving all the way to 8th and Diego, also with a good race, ended in 12th.

In the long Junior class Nick managed to qualify 3rd with only one tenth off and Victor 29th. He was the pole starter of the last chance which he won without any stress. In the pre-final race, Nick had a good run finishing 4th, and Victor 29th. In the main event, Nick ended up in 5th and Victor improved to 24th.

Camilo managed to qualify 8th in the DD2 Masters.He finished 6th in the pre-final and 8th in the final race. Raul Costa qualified 2nd in the Master class, finishing 3rd in the pre-final and 5th in the final with a solid race.

Dan Roeper qualified 9th and finish 6th in the pre-final and scoring important points in 5th place in the main event.

It was an amazing week for the team with most of the drivers battling for the wins, getting 5 podiums, 2 best lap of the races and one pole position. The next event for Orsolon Racing is in Glendale, AZ on February 13-15.


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