Orsolon Racing Champions at Rotax Pan Am Challenge 2014

October 21, 2014

The Orsolon Racing Team was proud to be a sponsor of the Rotax Pam American Challenge. The team from Miami, FL was composed of 6 drivers in 5 different classes. In Mini Max, the team had Riley Dickinson from Texas and Sebastian Rodriguez from Colombia. Also from Colombia, Camilo Matiz in the DD2 Masters. In the hard fought Junior class, for the first time joining the team there was another Texas driver, Nick Brueckner. In the Seniorr class, Dan Roeper from NY, whom already had his ticket from the Nationals in Salt Lake. In the Master class, the experienced driver Max Papis coming back after winning the Nationas last year with the team.

After a long week of testing the team was all prepared for qualifying, looking for the best spots on the grid for the heats.

Max Papis took pole position with a strong hot lap in Masters. Also with an impressive pace in the Senior class, Dan Roeper managed to put his gokart on pole in qualifying and kept the pole in the top qualifying. In Junior class, Nick Brueckner qualified 3rd. In Mini class, Sebastian Rodiguez managed to qualify 10th and Riley Dickinson 7th. Camilo Matiz in the DD2 Masters had a solid qualifying getting 4th place. Having 2 pole positions and all 6 drivers in the top 10 was a great result for the team.

Dan Roeper had a good pace during the heats finishing 6th in the first one, 3rd in the second and 2nd in the last heat resulting in a 2nd place in the grid for prefinal of the Senior class. Mad Max, Max Papis' nickname after his great run in the Daytona 24 with a Ferrari prototype, managed to win all 3 heats and started on pole on the prefinal.

In the Mini Max, with the whole field so close in times, both Orsolon Racing drivers were in the top 10 during all three heats. Riley, with an impressive run, finished second in the first heat with Sebastian finishing 9th. In the second heat, Chevy ended up 14th and Riley 7th. In the last heat Riley managed to finish 5th and the young Colombian 10th with the 3rd best lap of the race. Riley was 4th on the grid for the prefinal and Sebastian started 14th.

Nick, running in the Junior class won the first heat, finished second in the second heat and third in the third heat, making enough points to grab the pole for the prefinal race. Camilo Matiz in DD2 Masters had a solid performance in all 3 heats, always in the top five and ended up being 4th for the prefinal race.

After all the heats were done, the team managed by Fabio Orsolon had 5 drivers going to prefinal race in the top 4, which has been an amazing result so far.

On the final day of the event, starting with the prefinals races, Dan Roeper made the whole team proud by not taking any chances and winning with a good margin in Seniors, as well as Max Papis in the Master class and Nick Brueckner in Juniors class. Camilo finished 5th in the prefinal race. The Mini Max prefinal had an incident involving both Orsolon Racing drivers sending them to the back of the long field of 33 gokarts and with a beautiful recuperation, they ended up with Riley Dickinson in 9th and Sebastian Rodriguez in 12th.

In the main event, where everything counts, Max Papis lead the entire race guaranteeing his Pam American Title for Orsolon Racing. Dan Roeper in the Senior class battled until the last lap and ended up in 2nd. Camillo Matiz with a beautiful race guaranteed his podium finishing 3rd.

Young Texas driver Nick Brueckner lead most part of the main event until he got in a scramble and went off the track, but with a nice save he still got a 3rd place in the podium. Riley Dickinson fought all race long in the top 5 but ended up 8th in the final race of the tight Mini Max class. Sebastian Rodrigues was running in the top 10 when he got together with another driver losing many spots at the end of the race.

It was an amazing event and an incredible result for the team, out of 6 drivers, having 4 podiums and 3 drivers fighting for the lead until the last lap.

Next event for the team will be the SuperNats in Vegas at the end of November.

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